Alice Art Prize 2016 entry

Howard, Naomi 'Olive Pink's first night at Ooldea with Daisy BatesIn 1926, Tasmanian born Olive Pink caught a train to Ooldea in South Australia to visit Daisy Bates and the Aboriginal family with whom she lived. Olive Pink, then aged 42 years was given the store tent to sleep in and this time marks the beginning of her long and intense relationship with Aboriginal people in Central Australia, the Arrernte and Warlpiri people in particular.

I take great pleasure in reading accounts of Australian life that describe relationships between Black and White Australians and I like to imagine people and places and to paint into them. There is an account of Pink and Bates meeting up for the first time in Julie Marcus’s book ‘The Indomitable Miss Pink’.

This painting is titled ‘Olive Pink’s First Night in Ooldea with Daisy Bates’. It is my entry for the Alice Art Prize this year and is on show at the Araluen Centre in Alice Springs until 13 June 2016.


4 thoughts on “Alice Art Prize 2016 entry

  1. Thanks None and congratulations, I love this painting . When did you do it? How are you , I’ll phone you soon, missing your beautiful presence, xxxxxxxxx jess.

    1. /Users/naomi/Desktop/drawing of inside Nangala’s tent at Kin Kin.JPG

      If you like this painting Jess, do you realise that I made it using an old charcoal drawing I made while living in my tent in Moran Group Road? Remember my wood stove and food cupboard?

  2. Naomi I love your new concept. The painting becomes more lyrical for me , after reading you commenced the drawing of the work whilst living in a tent yourself!
    I can’t help referencing Sid Nolan’s Ned Krlly Series

  3. Love your new concept.The painting is more lyrical for me, after reading that you commenced it as a drawing, whilst living in a tent yourself!
    Can’t help it if your work makes me reference Sid Nolan’s Ned Kelly series.Good luck in the Alice Prize.

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