Welcome to my Art Gallery and Blog at the end of the Earth in South Eastern Tasmania Australia.

I’ve been painting since an aunty showed me a print of a Vincent Van Gogh’s painting of his bedroom in a book.  I was about 11.  That image put me directly in touch with my painterly self.

Miss Deer was my art teacher in high school in Sydney.  She managed to keep my imagination alive with her lessons about architecture and artists in spite of my other mind numbing lessons at the same school.  When I became over-zealous and rowdy in class, she would send me to Siberia which meant I was put inside the art cupboard which was filled with art books and had an electric light.   I enjoyed reading about artists and giving talks about them to my classmates.  Such interesting subject matter!

I continued to paint out of site throughout marriage and growing up children and around a great variety of jobs until I finally gave myself permission to do nothing else but paint.  I was 52 and that was 18 years ago.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Noni wonderful to see these”jewels” shining on the internet. Congratulations on an excellent body of work.I will send you a personal email, loved yours to us. xxx

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