Painting and Gathering exhibition in Artless Gallery in November 2017

The latest showing of work by Naomi Howard opened at Artless Gallery on 19th November getting off to a great start with 84 guests for a garden party on a most beautiful day at

581 Sommers Bay Road, Murdunna Tasmania Australia

61+ 0362535598 or for all enquiries

Dancing Sticks 2016

Dancing skirt 2016     charcoal and acrylic drawing on paper, framed  $500 SOLD

Flinders Bay 2016.jpg

Trousers Point, Flinders Bay $600     SOLD

Artless Gallery will continue to show Naomi’s paintings, drawings, prints and ceramic sculpture through to the evening of Sunday 26th November.  Open from 10 to 6p.m.

Passage of Clouds Flinders Island 2017

Passage of Clouds Flinders Island 2017      $500     acrylic on canvas     76cm w x 76cm h

Red Sky at Night 2017

Red Sky at Night 2017     SOLD

Mount Owen 2017

Mount Owen in Rain 2017     $1500     oil on linen    framed  122 cm w x 83 cm h

Western Macdonnells (2) 2017

Western MacDonnells (2) 2017     $1500     acrylic on linen      91cm w x 101cm h  SOLD

Western MacDonnells 1

Western MacDonnells (1) 2017     $1500     acrylic on canvas     122 cm w x 92 cm h  SOLD

Black Crones 2006 copy

Black Crones Emu Dancing 2006     $2500     oil on canvas     SOLD

blue Healer

Australian blue healer  2017  $500     SOLD


Jack Russell     $500     Red raku with ochre slips and underglazes


Bessie     $500     SOLD

Feral Cat with Bandicoot 2017.jpg

Feral Cat with Bandicoot 2017     $400   Red raku clay, ochre slips and underglazes   SOLD