Painting and Gathering exhibition in Artless Gallery in November 2017

The latest showing of work by Naomi Howard opened at Artless Gallery on 19th November getting off to a great start with 84 guests for a garden party on a most beautiful day at

581 Sommers Bay Road, Murdunna Tasmania Australia

61+ 0362535598 or for all enquiries

Dancing Sticks 2016

Dancing skirt 2016     charcoal and acrylic drawing on paper, framed  $500 SOLD

Flinders Bay 2016.jpg

Trousers Point, Flinders Bay $600     SOLD

Artless Gallery will continue to show Naomi’s paintings, drawings, prints and ceramic sculpture through to the evening of Sunday 26th November.  Open from 10 to 6p.m.

Passage of Clouds Flinders Island 2017

Passage of Clouds Flinders Island 2017      $500     acrylic on canvas     76cm w x 76cm h

Red Sky at Night 2017

Red Sky at Night 2017     SOLD

Mount Owen 2017

Mount Owen in Rain 2017     $1500     oil on linen    framed  122 cm w x 83 cm h

Western Macdonnells (2) 2017

Western MacDonnells (2) 2017     $1500     acrylic on linen      91cm w x 101cm h  SOLD

Western MacDonnells 1

Western MacDonnells (1) 2017     $1500     acrylic on canvas     122 cm w x 92 cm h  SOLD

Black Crones 2006 copy

Black Crones Emu Dancing 2006     $2500     oil on canvas     SOLD

blue Healer

Australian blue healer  2017  $500     SOLD


Jack Russell     $500     Red raku with ochre slips and underglazes


Bessie     $500     SOLD

Feral Cat with Bandicoot 2017.jpg

Feral Cat with Bandicoot 2017     $400   Red raku clay, ochre slips and underglazes   SOLD


ON THE ROAD – traveling alone with Rube Sube and a roll of canvas

Redbank Waterhole near Owen Springs 2014
Redbank Waterhole near Owen Springs 2014 $900 unframed.  Acrylic on canvas 66cm h x 90cm w SOLD


Redbank Waterhole near Owen Springs Northern Territory 2014

‘I feel welcome here. Someone has left me a nice poker stick and firewood. I feel like an honoured guest at this place – which of course I am. No other humans. A resident Kite high in a neighbouring Red River Gum. Today I came across about 100 Red-tailed Black Cockatoos feeding heartily on some sort of grass 30mm high.’  All quotes come from my journey journal.

When setting out on the road from my home in Tasmania to Central Australia in April 2014, I had no idea that I would be on the road for 7 months. Alone with my trusty Subaru Forester, I allowed myself to wander and wonder. Not knowing exactly where I was going nor for how long. Australia is a remarkable land and provided me with many places to feel completely “at home”.

Here are some pictures I made along the way.

Trephina 2014
Trephina 2014 90cm h x 66cm w SOLD
Western MacDonnalls (1) 2014
Western MacDonnalls (1) 2014 90cm h x 66cm w SOLD


I will be showing these canvases in an exhibition with some drawings and my journal.
Please direct any interest in these paintings to Julie Perry or Lizzie Bourke at
Gallery Because
7A Gregory Street, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. Phone 03 6224 4662 or email

This exhibition of the work will open in Gallery Because on Thursday 12 March 2015
5.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. and will continue to show each day until Saturday 11 April.
Gallery Because is closed on Sundays.

Ross River Country 2014
Ross River Country 2014 90cm h x 90cm w $1000 unframed. Acrylic on canvas  SOLD
Ross River camp 2014
Ross River Camp 2014 90cm h x 90cm w $1500 SOLD unframed Acrylic on canvas
Aproaching from the West 2014 copy
Approaching from the West 2014 90cm h x 90cm w $1500 unframed SOLD.   Acrylic on canvas

‘The Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia is a sandy one. East west sandhills made by the sea coming in here thousands and millions of years ago, carving into the cap rock and with wind erosion has undercut the rock and the sandhills formed from that sediment. According to local knowledge, these are some of the oldest rocks on Earth.’

In the Great Victoria Desert 2014
In the Great Victoria Desert (1) 2014 SOLD
In the Great Victoria Desert (2) 2014
In the Great Victoria Desert (2) 90cm h x 90cm w $1500 unframed Acrylic on canvas SOLD
Finke Riverbed near Hermannsburg 2014 (framed) 70cm h x 90cm w $1500 SOLD
Inside Tnorula (Gosse's Bluff) crater 2014
Inside Tnorula (Goss’s Bluff crater) 2014 70cm h x 90cm w SOLD
Ndapa Camp 2014  70cm h x 90cm w $1500 framed Acrylic on canvas
Ellery Creek Hillside 2014
Ellery Creek Hillside 2014 66cm h x 90cm w $800 unframed Acrylic on canvas  SOLD
Finke Riverbed 2014
Finke Riverbed 2014 70cm h x 90cm w $1200 unframed SOLD Acrylic on canvas
Chinderwarriner Pool Millstream W.A. 2014 (framed) 70cm h x 93cm w $1600 Framed SOLD Acrylic on canvas
Behind the Beach Murramerang South Coast NSW 2014
Behind the Beach Murramerang South Coast NSW 2014 90cm h x 90cm w $1000 unframed. Acrylic on canvas  SOLD

‘The end of July 2014 and I’m in the Pilbara of Western Australia. Yinjibarndi country and memories of former times spent here in the early 90ties are flooding back. I have set up camp on the edge of the road on a private property called Pyramid Hill cattle station. It is getting dark and I am too tired from stopping all day to look at the beauty of this iron and spinifex country. I will not make it to Millstream tonight.’ – Naomi Howard


Delivery of Paintings

Ndappa Camp 2014 framed $1420 Acrylic on canvas 70cm h x 90cm w
Ndappa Camp 2014 framed $1420 Acrylic on canvas 70cm h x 90cm w

Delivery within Australia

All paintings are sent through Total Freight Solutions, a leading provider of express delivery services.   Should you wish to have a stretched work delivered, please contact Naomi by email – nonihoward at and a quote can be provided.  All artworks can be fully insured in transit.

International Deliveries

We will freight stretched paintings (on wooden frames) or un-stretched (rolled up in a tube) artwork to anywhere in the world, provided standard delivery services are available.  All International orders are sent through Total Freight Solutions a leading provider of sensitive delivery services in Tasmania.  The artwork will be delivered to your door with full tracking available through our shipping agent.   All artworks can be fully insured in transit.

40 Days and 40 Nights 2012

Tuscany called me back to her in 2012.  This time it was Piero della Francesca who I wished to spend time with.  I did this by renting a 15C apartment in Arezzo just around the corner from the Church of San Francesco which houses ‘The Legend of the True Cross’  frescos by Piero della Francesca.  For a whole week I visited those paintings and gleaned  with my hungry Tasmanian eyes, to help with my own work.   However, an Englishman, who had befriended me in 2011,  was responsible for my being able to stay in Tuscany for any length of time.    He invited me to  live in my own apartment with painting studio on the mid-floor of his beautifully restored villa in the woods if I agreed to live there for a liminal period of time – say – 40 days and 40 nights.  I did not resist his gracious offer and yes we lived through a memorable time together and will be friends for life.

Whilst there I was able to read  and contemplate without interruption.  James Joyces’ Ulysses for my first time and lots of poetry  from my friend’s extensive library.  These paintings are made up of images that presented themselves for me to deal with during my stay.

I made friends with many interesting people whilst I was an artist in residence and just before I left Tuscany, I invited them to view these paintings in the old cantina beneath my living quarters.  My English friend had restored the cantina and made a gallery to show art works and he had even crafted six delicate easels to sit them on.  It was an opportunity for a garden party and to say arriverdici to the friends I had made and to satisfy their curiosity about whatever I might be up to.


Paintings from a Tasmanian in Tuscany 2011

All these paintings grew out of making a journey to Tuscany in 2011 in order to study the paintings of Giotto. As can be seen, I was swept up and overpowered by contemporary Tuscany also. These paintings are my first under the influence of Early Renaissance master painters.